Hatha yoga class by Anna Morozova:

These classes are the combination of static and dynamic yoga-styles. The level could differ from the beginner to high-intermediate, it is always depends on students. The major focus of practice is doing all movements and asanas consciously. We also use different breathing techniques during classes, which help to improve the practice itself and speed up the positive results in your everyday life. Due to teacher's experience and science-based studying of yoga as rehabilitation tool my main principle – not to make harm.

Hatha yoga class by Carmine D'Agosto:

Age, genetics, lifestyle, physical and mental condition, personal intention and spiritual philosophy all come into play in doing yoga and some of these variables can change from day to day, inviting us to modify what we’re doing. Taking a holistic perspective on yoga it is of great importance since blending these elements together in a proper manner leads to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice where students increasingly come to a place of balance first in their yoga path and then in their larger lives.

Generally speaking , this course aim to show students a yogic pathway and offer them guidance along this path. We will do it together with inspiration, knowledge, skill, patience, compassion and creativity, creating a safe space for self-exploration.

Each class will be structured in order to disconnect from daily mental chattering, restore awareness and energize the body. We will do it gently coming into presence as we warm, stretch and release tensions with warming up exercises for our joints. Then we will focus on the asanas, the postures, experiencing the effect they have on the physical body. Sun salutations, standing postures, balancing, twisting and inversions will be experienced in a safe environment, respecting the two main principles of the practice: comfort and stability. After that, we integrate the practice with a short relaxation and breath exercises.

The course is open to people of any age and background with overall good health and without any serious condition. It is structured for beginners of basic and intermediate level so no previous experience in yoga is needed.